Field Trips and Events

Every odd numbered month except January has a planned field trip. Some of the Field Trips we have had include:

  • The Local Steiner School
  • Greening Australia
  • Heronswood Harvest Festival- Diggers Dromana
  • Private Gardens
  • Louis Glowinski's Fruit Garden - Caulfield
  • Hare Krishna Farm - Dean's Marsh
  • Bio-Dynamic farms - Inverleigh
  • St. Earth Daffodil Festival - Diggers - Blackwood
  • Old Orchard Herbs - Wallington
  • Gardening Australia Live - Caulfield Racecourse


Upcoming Field Trips and Events

  • Given July is cold and unpleasant, and based on the soup and film night last year, we're going to do it again this year.

    The film is "Seed: The Untold Story". SEED follows the journey of passionate seed keepers around the world determined to protect our 12,000-year food legacy.

    GOG committee are providing the bread and some soups to savour. Any other complimentary food will be welcome.