Public Submissions to FSANZ

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Public Submissions to FSANZ

Anyone who listened to the excellent Background Briefing analysis  (see below  ) about the staggering deficiencies in our food regulatory body will feel compelled to submit a comment to their current round of public consultations, re :

However, this regulator does not work in the interest of the public... of the consumer who wants to really know what's in their food, children's health, organic food industry, environmental and ethical best practices, sustainable agriculture, and basic precautionary science (with GM foods they just believe what Monsanto tells them)

so .... don't expect anything much better because they'll be getting a lot of well paid industry lobbyist  spin and propoganda from their next or past employers and "industry collegaues"

But let your friends know about the Background Briefing report (link below)

and give your parlimentarians a kick up the backside.

Download now :