Berry Organic Farm and Vortex Veggies

Sunday, April 8, 2018 - 10:00am - 3:00pm
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At 10am, we’ll meet at Berry Organic Farm: 81 Savage Drive. Look for the aged rooster sign out the front of the house, and
keep going until the end of the driveway. Bring lunch; after we’ve explored, Suzanne has a shady place where we can eat and
catch up with one another (bring a folding chair if you have one).

Strawberries will be in season, and available for sale, as well as Suzanne’s wonderful jams, and blast frozen berries of other kinds (bring an esky / car-fridge so they’ll stay cold until you’re home). Certified organic vegetables and other fruits may also be on offer.

We’ll then go on to Vortex; plan to arrive at 1.30 at 29 Weatherboard Rd.

Berry Organic Farm
Suzanne and Tony Stocks and family are the owners and operators of Berry Organic Farm, which is a mid sized family
owned and operated property producing premium quality Certified Organic Berries. Berry Organic Farm is located at
Inverleigh South West Victoria, and even though this is considered a non traditional berry growing location, it has
not deterred Suzanne from growing outstanding quality berries. These fruits are renowned for their superior flavour
and quality.

Excess fruit is made into the Berry Organic range of Jams and Chutneys, which are all certified 100% Organic.


The Vortex Vegies Story
Vortex Vegies is a 16 acre certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic market garden, run by Darren Aitken since 1997, in Inverleigh, Victoria. The main motivation for growing Biodynamic produce was to provide healthy food for our young family. We extended the veggie patch and then sold the excess on a small roadside stall. Our interest in providing Demeter Biodynamic produce to others grew and in 1999 we acquired an acre of land, an old tractor and some machinery and started our real journey in Biodynamic vegetable production.

We have consciously remained a manageable size operation so as to remain hands on in all areas of production and to maintain the integrity and quality of our produce.