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We’re a gardening group in Geelong, who get together to share resources, talk, discuss and discover everything related to gardens, with particular focus on edibles and productive food producing plants and techniques. You can find out more on our about page.

COVID-19: While we’re in Coronaviris restrictions, we’re not meeting as a group; but are encouraging people to ask questions and keep connected via our Facebook Group. You can still join us as a member, and our regular Newsletter will still be going out as normal.

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It’s always worth letting plants go to seed. For a whole lot of reasons. Here is some photos of the various stages of semi self sown leeks. As you can see in the various photos the seed sprouts often whilst still on the parent plant. In the wild the weight of the new plants would cause the plant to fall over where the next generation starts the process again. I cut the flower head off and bury it with the new seedlings just sticking out. Once they are established I thin them out and plant in sets. ... See MoreSee Less

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What is your favourite place to buy seeds and seedlings from besides Bunnings? ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi everyone, thank you for the add.
2 questions:

Tomatoes: in autumn they all dried out and turned into sticks even though they were being watered. Is it normal? Do I take them out and plant new ones or do they come back to life? (lived in QLD before and they just kept regrowing by themselves every spring)

What's good to plant straight into the veggie garden at the moment (from seeds or seedlings?) and where do you usually get your seedlings from? Thank you 🙂
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Raising seeds on the cheap the easy way. Home made caplis tray plants watered via capillary action using tea towel or paper towel or chux. Set an over flow in your container so seedlings can’t drown. Ultra cheap use home made paper pots I find an old tap connector is as good as anything. ... See MoreSee Less

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