About Us

We are a friendly, diverse group of people who share a common interest in gardening organically, and working with nature rather than against it.

We meet every second month at the Geelong Botanic Gardens meeting rooms and in the month in between, we go on a field trip. At our meetings we often have a guest speakers, a library for members, a sales table and seed bank.

Six informative newsletters are sent out per year.


The current committee members for 2020 are:

  • Chair: Brendan Bolton
  • Vice Chair: Gavin Gamble
  • Minutes secretary: Emily Swanson
  • Treasurer: Rosie Bright
  • Correspondence Secretary: Emily Swanson
  • Membership Secretary: Vacant (Peter Field until filled)
  • Librarian:  Trish MacKenzie
  • Newsletter Editor: Goshen Watts
  • Committee Member: Deb Watkins
  • Committee Member: Helen De Lange
  • Committee Member: Steve Findlay
  • Committee Member: Peter Field